This is probably what it all starts with. Landscapes.


The object is still and the photographer can wait for the best light, search for the best spot, wander around for a while until the picture is perfect. There is no immediate time pressure or expectancy towards him.

This is probably also why i started with it.


Landscapes can be breathtaking in reality and to capture their variety, the natural light and all small details is important to me. As with a Portrait I want to show the beauty as it is, the Authenticity without any filters.


Where i live, here by the Sognefjord in Norway, makes it easy. I am surrounded by majestic natural beauty and incredible light situations. 


So it was not difficult to create a little sharing platform in 2013 for these pictures as a website and on social media : Balestrand of Norway.


This page and the positive feedback I gained from it, contributed in gaining more confidence in my work.

Consequently it was the reason for me creating this page and starting to study towards becoming more professional.




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