Orcas! In my fjord

It was only a few minutes after I came home, I heard James scream: ORCAS! Katha, ORCAS.

And there they were, passing by again on their route from Vetlefjorden directly into our Sværefjord, just a few metres away from the shoreline. The excitement stopped me from being able to find the right buttons on my camera, getting frustrated and then just deciding to just enjoy it for a while. Listening to the exhaling and just waiting, being excited where the massive finns might pop up next time.


Knowing the paths they took last time in December I decided to quickly jump in the car with Teddy and Dan to see if we can follow them for a while. 

How could I have expected what was about to happen.

We stopped on the other fjord side and there they were. About 2 metres away from land gracefully paving their way through the water.

The sheer speed of them in the water is quite extraordinary, as you have to run to keep up with them. 


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Raudmelen - Snow Shoe Hiking in Balestrand


It was one of those mornings when you cannot wait to get outside. Cloudy, but with the sunbeams peeking their way through. I was up early. The sun had just reached our fjord, and while having a small sip on my coffee I admired once again the view out of my window.

Nevertheless, today I was not going to enjoy it for too long, as I was off to even better views – off to Raudmelen.

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