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2017 - The slow start


One has to start small. And small it was, with regards to time that is. But still, a tiny glimpse of the experiences in 2017 I was able to write about. 

Born from the idea of having a place for my passion photography, Katharina Photography, I also started writing a little bit about the little adventures I had living by a fjord in this remote spot in Balestrand, Norway.


It started off with orcas in my fjord that swam metres away in touching distance and included one very special and highly memorable hike up Raudmelen. But time was scarce and the blogging idea died out a little at the end of the year. 


When I then came across a book that inspired me at the end of 2017 I picked up the idea again and merged my private profile with my passion photography - holgersdaughter was born.



The year started by being inspired by Trude Teige's book "Mormor danset i regnet" and revived my encouragement to write a little more. How high are the chances that a Norwegian author would be writing a book about the little town in Germany you originate from? Not high I suppose. But here, it actually happened.




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